How To Read Your City’s Report on Water Treatment Plant Filtration

It’s really important for us to know the official explanation of what is in our water supply via our cities and towns. Through testing and the Environmental Working Groups reports we know there are more than 300 contaminants in tap water all over the U.S. Do you know what’s in your tap water that you […]

Aging Water Infrastructure Makes Countertop Water Filters Necessary

It has been confirmed that every two minutes a water main breaks somewhere in the US with 300,000 breaks each year, according to the American Water Works Association. This causes many more problems than just temporary flooding. It can cause major contamination which makes countertop water filters more necessary today than ever before. I can […]

Portable Water Purifier – When Would I Need One?

When talking about a portable water purifier, many people automatically think of hiking, camping, survival or doomsday scenarios. There is nothing wrong with that because those are all fine and legitimate. If I were to talk about that with many of the people I interact with they might just blow me off. Let’s explore why […]

Residential Water Filtration That Is Affordable

Let’s face it, there aren’t too many residential water filtration systems that are affordable, let alone actually work. I once went through the lengthy process of searching for a solution only to hit several roadblocks. I finally found something that actually works, is certified and very much affordable. They’re so good that missionaries and the […]

Water Filtration System That Really Works

Before I get into the actual water filtration system I want to share with you today, I want to talk about something else briefly.  I was talking with someone a few days ago and I mentioned that I had a great water filter site. He sort of laughed. Come to find out there are apparently […]