Water Filter System At Work Would Be Nice and Convenient

We’ve all worked at a company for a living one time or another. We always hear jokes about all the talk near the water cooler whether it’s sports or the latest gossip.

Is the water you’re drinking there the healthiest? Is it the best water filter system?

How many people do you think put their hands all over the water cooler? I have first hand knowledge about how many men don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.

At my last place of employment only 50% washed their hands. And to think that you not only shake hands with them but their placing their hands on the cooler spigot?

That’s just one example of why you might want to acquire your own water filter system.

The next example is the quality of the water you’re actually getting. Some of the water is no better than tap water. Some just plain don’t filter anything out except for the taste.

Do you have any idea what is in unfiltered water? Bacteria, cysts, pesticides, lead, mercury, fluoride and more. Yes, it is true.

Your local city water company doesn’t filter all of that out. On top of that they add chemicals such as chlorine.

Those two combinations right there forced me to consider an alternative water filter system. I did my research and I found the perfect solution for me.

I found something that doesn’t require electricity, water pressure and it fits right on my desk at work without taking up too much room. The best thing about it is that there are no dirty hands contaminating my water.

It also filters out virtually everything bad but leaves in the healthy minerals which are found in water and help keep the body healthy.

It was a small investment on my part and I don’t have to change the filters every two months like most of those cheap filters you find at the store.

Think about all this the next time you stand in line at the water filter system your work has provided for you.