Vegetables With High Water Content

couple eating saladThere are other ways to get proper hydration throughout the day than drinking clean water and one of those is vegetables with high water content. Most of these “water vegetables” have literally almost zero calories which makes it all the more healthier to eat.

That means you can pretty much eat a lot of these veggies each day and literally gain no weight and get healthier at the same time.

One of the great benefits of eating these types of veggies is that the more water you consume the more likely you’ll feel full. Why is this a benefit? Because that will help you eat less food.

One of my friends from a different country told me it was their custom to not drink anything before or during meals but that actually causes you to stuff more food in your belly. Not good!

Here is a list of the best vegetables with high water content to keep you full and feeling good:

1. Celery

The University of Kentucky did a little bit of research and released a free PDF which shows you the percentage of H2O in certain vegetables.

Celery with a food weight of 40 grams is made up of 95% water. Isn’t that amazing!

It’s been known to reduce inflammation as one of it’s health features.

2. Lettuce

I bet you knew this one was going to be on the list right? Lettuce has always been super healthy and people all over the world consume it each day.

I’ve always enjoyed eating it and my family today consumes it on a weekly basis. We’ve gone through stretches where we’ve had it three days in a row.

Iceberg lettuce at a food weight of 20 grams is made up of 96% water.

Just a side note. While eating this food is super healthy here’s what’s not good. Whatever you do don’t pile on a bunch of unhealthy items such as MSG dressing which can add up to around 200 plus extra calories. You can find organic, MSG-free dressing which is low calorie at the same time.

3. Broccoli

This is a super potent food which has so many good things about it I can’t list it here. I’m sure you’ve heard that this veggie helps prevent cancer.

I’ve forced myself to enjoy broccoli because of this. I like many children didn’t love it too much when I was younger. My kids love it though and that’s huge!

At a food weight of 44 grams this veggie contains 91% water.

Make sure you buy organic if you can because the florets are somewhat susceptible to getting pesticides on them and staying there no matter if you want it in the sink or not.

4. Carrots

Everyone knows about carrots and all the vitamins contained within. Many people eat them raw, cooked and juiced. You can easily find these organic and they won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Carrots can contain up to 87% water which makes them perfect for juicing which is what my family does. Carrots are the base for many of the juice drinks we make.

The great thing about veggies like these are that they will help make you feel really full. If you decide to eat carrots for dinner soon let me suggest that you try them raw and not cooked. You will get more of the liquid in your stomach and all the enzymes will remain intact.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is another juicy vegetable to eat and it tastes really good too. It can contain up to an amazing 96% water!

This makes it another perfect candidate for juicing. My wife also likes to cut them up and put them in salads. If you ever peel them you’ll soon find out how juicy they really are.

If you’re not into juicing yet and just want to eat these at mealtimes then you can spice up the flavor by adding pink Himalayan salt.

All in all it’s a good idea to not only hydrate yourself with purified water but also by eating veggies high in water content.

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  1. Our cukes have just started coming in (we have an organic garden) and they are the perfect afternoon snack. I love it that I get water with them, too!

  2. Yum! So good in the summer when you’re feeling hot and thirsty, especially cucumber, somehow… Vegetables rock! Great info in your post. Thank you!

  3. With health being my passion, I very much enjoyed your blog. It is true that we can hydrate by eating vegetables that have high water content. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. @Jenny – You are so right. These veggies served cold will definitely be refreshing.

  5. It is so important to know the vegetables you are eating. These vegetables are so rich in water and that is certainly important for us.

  6. I swear, I think your wife is my long lost sister! We also juice our veggies, I have a blendtec, I just throw them all in there.

  7. @Lesley – LOL! We love juicing! I’ve been trying new recipes lately.

    We have an Omega 8600 juicer.

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