The Taste From a Berkey Water Filter Is Sensational

Most people have fully functioning taste buds and your mouth knows when it tastes something bad. Whether it’s food or beverage you want something that tastes good.

You wouldn’t think that water has anything to do with this but it does and a Berkey water filter has a taste that is very good.

There are a number of disgusting little things in water and your city tries to clean it up, but they fail in so many areas. You think bottled water is the solution but many of them use tap water so they are in the same boat.

The city even adds chlorine to the water to supposedly clean it. They not only deliver nasty tap water to us all but the smell and taste of chlorine isn’t something I want to experience. I doubt it’s good for you in the long run too.

Have you tasted water from a restaurant lately? It’s that same city water and many times it has a rubber hose taste. That may have been fine when I was a kid in the backyard, but it’s just a horrendous taste these days.

Moving on to those cheap store bought water filters … yes, they help remove the gross tastes but they don’t filter out all of the bad stuff like pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, herbicides, pesticides and a myriad of other harmful things.

This leads me to the Berkey water filter. My family couldn’t believe the taste of the filtered water. It was quite addicting at the beginning.

It was what water should be: clean, crisp, refreshing and tasteless. No chlorine, no pipe taste and no rubbery hose water.

There is something special about drinking clear, tasty water. It’s good for your body and it’s mentally settling to know that you are drinking healthy water that is good for you.