The Best Way To Have Clean Water During Emergencies

drinking waterEvery few weeks or months you watch the news and there is some sort of catastrophe somewhere in the world. Volcanoes erupting, massive earthquakes, and there’s always a flood somewhere. We hear tragic stories and just hope that it never happens where we live.

If we are even in such a situation, what is the best way to have clean water during these trying times? This is something we should be prepared for, just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hundreds of thousands of people can be driven away from their homes when a disaster strikes. Many homes get destroyed. If you don’t have an emergency place to get away, you may have to stay at some sort of shelter or camp.

I read that the one source of clean water being provided for people in need is water purification tablets. Are you kidding me?

Some people and/or countries are so unprepared for an emergency that they literally have to rely on the government for all their needs. Waiting in line for water purification tablets does not sound fun to me.

In addition to a lack of clean water, electricity can also be shut off for weeks in particular areas until they are able to rebuild after the flood waters recede.

What I do know is the Red Cross and other relief organizations get it right most of the time.

I’ve read they use portable water purifiers which filter out all pathogenic bacteria, cysts, lead, mercury, and just about anything harmful in the water.

The great thing about these systems is they don’t require electricity or water pressure and they are very portable. In a hurry, you can grab your portable water filter to take with you, giving you clean water wherever you go.

These filtration systems are easy to use. They assemble and come apart quickly and easily. For clean water, you just pour water in the top and gravity filters it through powerful elements which in the end provide the best clean water you can possibly have.

With this system, you won’t have to worry about having enough clean water, standing in a line, or not finding enough bottled water at the grocery store. You can use any source of water and the filters will clean out all of the toxins.

I recommend you not only have an emergency plan for someplace to go during a flood or other natural disaster, but you should be able to carry a portable water purifier with you wherever you go.

It could save you lots of time, hassle, and it will give you comfort knowing you are prepared to take care of your family.

Of course, a system like this doesn’t have to just be for emergencies.

Use it for all your water needs on a daily basis.

But by having this system, you know you’ll be ready if an emergency ever arises. Even if it doesn’t, your family will still enjoy the health benefits of clean water.

My family has a system like this and let me tell you … we have peace of mind now.