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Prudent Places CD-ROM

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Prudent Places USA is a collection of maps and data, which can help you locate the “prudent” places to be during these turbulent times. (Even if not relocating, you may learn things about the community you call home.

Understanding the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses will enable you to prepare for the unexpected.) It covers 69 main topics within the following categories: Natural Disasters, Manmade Disasters, Environmental Concerns, Basics – The World Around Us, People and Places. Both PC and Mac compatible.

You’ll find maps on the right column in the Table of Contents as well as additional information on the left. Within these chapter headings, you’ll have access to 69 main topics. Prudent Places USA® contains over 550 maps, numerous information tables and photographs of America, plus a myriad of pertinent data. Prudent Places USA® is built to be visually enjoyable as well as informative and works on both Macs or PCs. Prudent Places USA® takes information to a county level — all 3,141 of them!

The maps are very large and must be presented in CD format. It does little good to give a broad stroke picture when there are pockets of preferred locations in nearly every county. Maps can be printed on transparencies and overlaid for a defining view of areas that interest you.

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