Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot


Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot Replacement

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  • This Stainless steel spigot fits all Berkey stainless steel systems
  • Includes two foodgrade silicone washers, stainless steel washers and wingnut
  • This replaces the standard plastic spigot
  • Does not work with the Berkey Light

Assembly Instructions

Place the beveled exterior washer over the threads of the spigot with the beveled side
facing the system hole and the flat side facing the spigot.

Insert the threaded stem of the spigot through the hole in the side of the lower chamber.

Insert the flat washer over the threads. Secure the spigot in place with the spigot nut.

Tighten securely by hand only.

Hint: For the last approximate one-quarter to one-half turn, hold the nut in place and gently turn the spigot until it is tight.

Then rotate both the spigot and the nut until the handle is facing upwards.

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