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Generic Sport Berkey Portable Water Purifier

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  • 22 Oz Water Purifier
  • Water From Any Source – 160 Refills
  • Municipal / Well Water – 640 Refills
  • BPA-Free Plastic – Non Leaching LDPE #4
  • For Use at Work, Camping, Gym and Travel

Generic Sport Berkey® Portable Water Purifier bottle is the ideal personal protection traveling companion – featuring the IONIC ADSORPTION MICRO FILTRATION SYSTEM. The theory behind this innovation is simple.

The bottle’s filter is designed to remove and/or dramatically reduce a vast array of health-threatening contaminants from questionable sources of water, including remote lakes and streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign countries where regulations may be sub-standard at best.


This advanced technology was developed, refined, and proven through diligent, investigative research and testing performed by water purification specialists, researchers and engineers. The media within the filter element removes contaminants by a surface phenomenon known as “adsorption” which results from the molecular attraction of substances to the surface of the media. As the bottle is pressed, the source water is forced through the filter. The quality and volume of media used, determine the rate of adsorption. The flow rate or time of exposure through the filter has been calculated to yield the greatest volume removal of toxic chemicals caused by pollution from industry and agriculture. This exclusive filter element is impregnated with proprietary “absorbing” media that promotes IONIC “absorption” of pollutants within the micro-porous element, such as aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals.

The “Tortuous Path” structure of these pores gives it its unique characteristics. The generic sport filtration portable water purifier offers a convenient and portable filtration system using medical grade technology.

The Generic/Non-Labeled Sport Berkey® Portable Water Purifier is identical in function to the Sport Berkey® Portable Water Purifier. It is primarily used for individuals, missionaries and relief organizations that would prefer to economize. It can also be custom labeled for specific organizations or events.

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