KDF Shower Filter With Massage Head

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KDF Shower Filter With Massage Head

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Please watch the video demonstration for verification but the KDF shower filter with massage head is super easy to install.

Just take the blue cap off, use a little plumbers tape, screw on shower filter and head and turn it on.

That’s it!

KDF Shower Filter Specifications

This shower filter is very affordable for what you get! First, it last for an entire year, or 25,000 gallons, whichever comes first. Most filters you can buy do not last this long.

The best part, though, is the power behind the KDF shower filter. With it’s KDF 55 granules, it can effectively remove or reduce hydrogen sulfide, microorganisms, and chlorine. It even filters out harmful, water soluble heavy metals such as iron, mercury, and lead by up to 98%

But that’s not all! This shower filter also kills bacteria and can stop the growth of algae, fungi, and bacteria. It can also reduce mold, lime scale, and fungi that grows in showers. Our shower stays cleaner much longer when we use a KDF filter.

What makes this filter able to do such amazing things is that it contains bacteriostatic media (KDF-55). The KDF process media is safe and nontoxic, so there are no adverse side effects. And it is just as effective in cold water as it is in hot water.

Chlorine is a common toxin added to water that supposedly makes the water safer. But it can also do harm and that iw why customers love that the KDF shower filter reduces chlorine by up to 95%.

Showering in toxins is different from drinking them. While both are bad, the heat of shower water and the steam causes someone to absorb the chemicals through the skin and inhale them into the lungs. But this shower filter reduces vapor inhalation and chemical absorption.

Without toxins in the water supply, people experience less hair and skin damage. The KDF shower filter also removes foul odors and tastes.

There’s also a back flush attachment that helps prevent clogging. A massage shower head is included in the purchase.

Health Issues Related To Showering in Chlorinated Water

Here are a few health problems associated with not using a shower filter.

  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Damage

Benefits I’ve Personally Experienced

When I first used the Berkey shower filter I felt something amazing from the start.

There was something refreshing within the first few minutes. I actually felt more energy instead of the typical feeling of tiredness.

My other family members noticed the same thing.

We even used the filter to fill up the tub when it was bath time for the kids. Takes a little time but it’s well worth it.

Not yet available in Iowa and California

Video Demonstration

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    Dennis Hough

    Anything from Berkey is high quality and works perfectly. Remember, you’re worth it.

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