Queensland Fluoride Overdose – Accident or Not?

sodium fluorideWhen 300,000 liters of fluoride-contaminated water are pumped into the drinking supply, the public has a right to be informed and concerned.

Now they’re dealing with a fluoride overdose, which is very dangerous to the human health.

But according to Queensland, Australia lawmakers, who claim the risk of illness from fluoride-filled water is extremely low, no one should be concerned. The 4,000 affected homeowners in northern Brisbane aren’t convinced, though.

It is alarming and important to note that the fluoride law in Queensland includes a clause stating that citizens can’t take legal action for compensation if medical problems occur.

If the risks truly were extremely low, why would such a clause be necessary? No one would need to take action.

This fluoride leak was a claimed accident that deposited 20 times the permissible amount of fluoride into the water supply. Residents weren’t informed for almost two weeks.

“People are expected to put their trust in the government and when the government fails them, it has a duty to put things right,” Mark O’Connor, lawyer of Bennett and Philp Lawyers, says.

The big question is, will the Queensland government step up and right their wrong, or will they allow people to suffer illnesses from their fluoride mistake?

Previously used as an insecticide and rat poison, fluoride is now commonly found in water supplies throughout the world, not to mention toothpaste and even some foods.

It is a pollutant and harmful to consume, yet government officials across the world claim it’s beneficial and fights against tooth decay.

But studies have shown that areas with fluoridated water have no fewer cases of tooth decay than those without fluoridated water.

Areas with higher levels of fluoride in the water supply have increased cases of neurotoxicity, bone cancer, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. It’s known that fluoride harms the brain, kidneys, bones, and thyroid glands.

But if your water supply is contaminated with fluoride, it doesn’t mean you have to drink it. You don’t have to depend on your government to be honest with you.

Purchasing your standard water purifier from the local supermarket won’t cut it. Those filters don’t eliminate fluoride.

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