Preparing For Disasters Is Easy When You Have a Berkey

Tornado DamageDisasters can strike at any time. Depending on where you live, you could experience hurricanes, earthquakes, icy winter storms, tornadoes, droughts, or a number of other disasters.

These tragedies can come when you least expect it and that’s why it’s important to be prepared in advance.

The best way to prepare for such circumstances is to be sure to have clean, available water. A clean source of water is the most important necessity needed to survive hostile situations.

The best way to have clean water in your home at all times is to own a Berkey purification system.

Ice Storm Aftermath

There are several possible results from disasters where clean water would be needed. An ice storm could cause pipes to freeze or burst, making water unavailable. Getting water supplies from grocery stores may be impossible in such conditions.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, or other disasters could lead to water contamination, making your drinking water unsafe and harmful.

Up to 47% of some types of waterways in the United States are contaminated on a normal basis. That percentage rises during a natural disaster and the chances of consuming toxic water are greater.

Living a self-reliant lifestyle is necessary. It’s important not to have to depend on others to help you in emergency situations.

Don’t rely on the water company or FEMA to provide clean water and don’t count on your neighbors to help you as they will be helping their own families.

Make sure you are prepared for your own family, for any situation.

Preparing For Disasters With a Berkey

Preparing for disasters as far as water is concerned is easier when you own a Berkey. Berkey water systems provide the most security during a disaster.

Available in all different sizes, Berkey water filters produce the cleanest water possible during any situation, including the most tragic.

They filter out all harmful substances, such as heavy metals, toxic chemicals, pathogenic bacteria, and radiologicals. Berkey purifiers can even filter out red food coloring. That’s how powerful they are.

All the while, Berkey filters guarantee to leave in the essential minerals from water needed for the body. Unlike other filters, Berkey provides not only the cleanest, but also the healthiest water.

Picture of Cyclone

Another great thing about Berkey filtration systems is that they are portable. So if for some reason you are forced to leave your home (flooding, for example) you can take your Berkey system with you and still have clean water.

It’s a good idea to now start storing enough water to last through any emergency. That could be a three day supply up to a month’s supply of water. Whatever you feel comfortable with and have the storage space for.

There are many storage containers available and you could even store some water in plastic two-liter bottles. If your stored water comes straight from the tap, be sure to filter it before drinking.

Clean water will save your life during an emergency. Taking the precautions to have a powerful, dependable water filter and plenty of stored water is a choice you won’t regret.

Want to find a Berkey water filter system that fits your budget? Visit the store and have a look around.

Preparing For Disasters With Crown Berkey