Preparedness For Winter Weather Is Something To Consider

We are now getting into the winter months and this is the perfect time to start making preparations to protect yourself and your family for cold temperatures.

It’s also a great idea to be ready to assist neighbors if necessary, especially the elderly or families with children.

It depends on where you live, but even unusually cold temperatures, snow and ice can reach as far south as Atlanta, Ga.

While winter hasn’t officially arrived, Washington State is already experiencing weather that is causing some counties to issue warnings. No matter what, we know the cold is in our near future.

December and January are the two months annually where excessive cold, winter storms and ice storms occur, especially in the northern states. They are the most brutal for several reasons, including an increase in illnesses.

Even though you don’t know the amounts, effects, or timing of weather systems, you should always be prepared to ensure your family’s safety and comfort. The time to prepare for that is now, not when you’re in the midst of winter.

So what are we talking about? When preparing for cold weather, we’re not just talking about bringing your plants in or covering your outside faucets to protect against freezing. That’s important, but there’s a lot more you can do.

It’s not just the temperature itself that is cause for concern. Harsh weather conditions lead to many issues.

People get hurt and even die in traffic collisions, suffer heart attacks while shoveling snow, or suffer setbacks and hypothermia due to lengthy exposure to cold temperatures.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when preparing for winter weather.

Prepare family and home

  • Create, update, or review your family emergency plan
  • Keep a stock pile of emergency food and water, especially water from a portable water purifier. Berkey systems are excellent water purifiers that guarantee clean, fresh water at all times. To make sure you have plenty, you can store the water in jugs in the event that a pipe freezes.
  • Have a battery or hand-cranked radio and flashlights and keep them in a location that everyone in the house knows about.
  • Stock extra supplies including blankets, clothes, towels, and batteries
  • Consider winterizing your home
  • Obtain one or two fire extinguishers

While Traveling

  • Drive safely and carefully!
  • Winterize your car and make sure it’s in proper working order
  • Make sure the tread on your tires are appropriate
  • Keep a shovel, windshield scraper, blankets, and a first aid kit inside the vehicle
  • Maintain half a tank of gas or more at all times
  • Always communicate with family when and where you are going

Make sure you think everything through and even rehearse possible scenarios, because in an emergency situation you want to be prepared so you don’t go into panic mode. Panicking could cause you to make a poor decision.

Being prepared for any situation and emergency is a wise decision for you and your family. Don’t delay, have preparedness for winter weather a priority today.