How To Have Clean Water Anywhere In The World With A Portable Water Purifier

… And Use That Clean Water To Boost Your Health…

Don’t Throw Your Money Away At Unhealthy Bottled Water And Instead Use A Proven Portable Water Purifier.

There’s no time to waste! You can now have pure, clean H2O literally anywhere you go with one of Berkey’s portable water purifiers.

Berkey offers two awesome portable selections that produce the cleanest agua possible. The Sport Berkey® bottle is a convenient, easy-to-carry filter and is a perfect companion for camping trips, exercising or even a trip to the movies.

The all new Go Berkey® is another excellent choice, holding a little more than the Sport Berkey®. This filter is perfect for college students or for your desk at work.

The hand-held Sport Berkey® bottle may be small, but its powerful purifier is not compromised. Sport Berkey® assures that you’ll have the cleanest H2O at all times.

Its filter is built to remove up to 99.9% of many health-threatening contaminants, including harmful pathogens, pesticides, detergents, Aluminum, Mercury, Radon 222, and much more.

Portable Water Purifier

It also eliminates obnoxious tastes and odors so you can enjoy clean, tasteless H2O. With Sport Berkey®, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in taste between lake and tap water. Both are filtered equally.

Sport Berkey® also keeps you from spending tons of money on bottled junk. This stylish bottle is more economical, not to mention safer for the environment.

Also, with bottled, once you’ve taken your last drink, that’s it. You’re out of agua and another bottle must be opened.

That’s the beauty of the Sport Berkey®. With this bottle, you never have to worry about running out.

Once it’s empty, you just fill it back up with whatever source is closest. In remote settings, there’s no need to fear what could be floating in unknown streams or ponds.

But you don’t have to be in the wilderness to get the benefits of Sport Berkey®. Unclean H2O is found in urban areas too; even places where you would least suspect.

When you order agua at a restaurant, chances are it’s straight from the tap or filtered by a cheaply made, unreliable system. Community fountains are no better. Carrying Sport Berkey® in your backpack, purse or car will allow you to have clean water anytime, anywhere.

Go Berkey Kit Filter

Berkey’s second portable water purifier is equally durable and impressive. The Go Berkey® system is just as powerful and guarantees elimination of 99.9% of harmful materials.

This filter is light-weight, but is meant to be more stationary than the Sport Berkey®. Regardless, it is still easy to carry from one location to the next.

The main difference between the two portable water purifiers is appearance. Go Berkey® is made of highly polished 304 stainless steel, giving it a classy and stunning look.

Holding one quart, Go Berkey® stands 14″ high and has a diameter of 4″. It includes one Black Berkey® purification element and can purify up to one gallon every hour.

The two systems work perfectly together on camping trips. The Sport Berkey® can be carried easily for hikes, while the Go Berkey® nicely filters H2O back at the campsite.

And now there is a Go Berkey® Kit that includes both, which can be ordered here.

There’s absolutely no better way to insure that you have the freshest H2O available all the time. If you’re looking for the best in portable water purifiers, then the Sport Berkey® and Go Berkey® are essential filters for your health!

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