7 Portable Water Purifier Tips – Here’s What To Look For

Portable Water PurifierHere are the top seven things to look for when purchasing a portable water purifier.

Imagine this…the camping trip you’ve looked forward to is now just a couple weeks away.

You daydream about the relaxing getaway and eagerly anticipate hiking trails, cookouts, and nights around the camp fire with friends and family.

In preparation, you’re making a list of trip needs. After the obvious camping gear, the next thing to come to your mind is food and drinks.

Water is a definite must with all the busy activities, but what’s the best source to use?

You can’t trust the campground water to taste good, much less be healthy for you. Bottled water would take up too much room in your vehicle and it’s not a very economic or environmentally wise choice.

What you need is a portable water purifier.

Here are seven key tips when looking for the perfect water purifier for your camping trip

  1. A dependable purifier that filters out harmful substances. Clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family is essential when you’re in remote areas. You need a water filter you can trust to eliminate any and all harmful materials, including toxic chemicals like pesticides and VOCs, microscopic pathogens like E-coli, and heavy metals like aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and copper. Your purifier should also eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors, cloudiness, silt, sediment and chlorine. Be sure the filter you purchase guarantees the cleanest water possible.
  2. A purifier that is compact. There’s already enough to pack when taking a trip like yours. It helps if your water supply doesn’t take up a lot of room. Make sure your portable water filter is light weight. And since it will be a reliable purifier, you won’t need to fill it up until you get settled at the campground.
  3. A purifier that can be carried everywhere you go. The times you need water the most aren’t when you’re sitting around the camp site relaxing. You need water most when you’re on the go, such as during a three-mile hike. Make sure you have a purifier that’s hand-held and includes a clip to hook onto your backpack or belt loop. Such portable purifiers should have their own filters so you can add water at any time and trust that it will be filtered correctly.
  4. A purifier that can be used in remote, raw water settings. It’s not always easy to find even somewhat clean water out in the woods. So it’s important to have a purifier that can remove any harmful bacteria, whether the source is from a dirty pond or a drinking fountain.
  5. Additional Tips To Keep In Mind

  6. A purifier that’s kid-friendly. If children are traveling with you, be sure to purchase a purifier that they can use easily. For a hand-held portable purifier, buy one that’s plastic and not glass or metal.
  7. A purifier that’s simple to put together. Once you get to the campsite, there’s a lot of preparation to begin your camping experience. Vehicles need to be unloaded, tents or campers need to be set up, food needs to be put in its proper place, etc. The water purifier you choose shouldn’t add to your list of work. Buy a filter that can be put together easily and quickly, so you can get clean water as soon as possible.
  8. A purifier that’s economical and environmentally friendly. Here’s a word that’s always on your mind: savings. You’re concerned about how to save money, time and even the environment. Buying a portable water purifier does all three. Unlike bottled water, you’re not harming the environment by throwing away dozens of non-biodegradable plastics. Bottled water is also expensive and takes up a great deal of space. A portable water purifier may seem more expensive on the front end, but considering the lifespan of the filter and the quality of water you receive, it is a purchase you won’t regret economically.

More Thoughts on Portable Water Purification Systems

Portable water purifiers also save time. Once you’ve purchased one, water will never be a concern when taking camping trips.

You can quickly check off water from your to-do list.

Plus, with a portable purifier, there’s never a need to run to the nearest convenience store if you run out of water.

These seven tips should be helpful when determining what type of portable water purifier to purchase for your camping trip.

Overall, the decision boils down to this one question: For my trip, what is the safest and easiest water supply for my loved-ones and myself?