No Government Entities Active in Preparedness Planning

Backpack For Preparedness PlanningExcept for the Department of Defense (DOD), no federal, state, local or private entity is prepared to undertake catastrophic preparedness planning, let alone work together as a team to pull off a real national response.

That is what columnist James Carafano alluded to in a Washington Examiner article.

He begins by giving a brief history of the British Falkland Islands situation where a British officer was quoted as saying, “Never fight a no-plan war.”

Regarding war or natural disasters, we often have to learn our lessons over and over again. We know history repeats itself, but we never seem to plan ahead for when it or something similar may happen again.

Even though we experienced 9/11 and then Hurricane Katrina a few years later, “The government couldn’t manage to draft plans across federal agencies, let alone include the efforts of state and local governments and the private sector,” Carafano said.

What Happened Due To The Lacking Preparedness Planning?

As a result of these tragedies, we should have gone into overdrive with national disaster planning, but that didn’t happen. Federal agencies have completed almost none of the Department of Homeland Security planning scenarios.

So, if we weren’t prepared then and we’re not prepared now, how will the United States be ready when another attack or disaster strikes?

We could tell you not to worry, that we’re in good hands and that everything will be taken care of in the event of an emergency. But, that just isn’t true.

Berkey is a company that gives families an opportunity to take care of themselves without depending on the government or others. Their purpose is to prepare families for any disaster or circumstance.

It’s time to draft your own disaster preparedness plan for you and your family. To do that, sit down with your family and draw up very basic plans of action in case there‚Äôs an emergency.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself About preparedness planning

  1. Have you set aside emergency preparations of food and water? Berkey has numerous water filters to fit any family or circumstance.
  2. Do you know how to protect yourself if there’s an emergency that forces you to stay home? Berkey offers a video called “Sheltering In Place” that tells you exactly how to prepare your home for a disaster.
  3. Do you have an emergency place to flee in case your home is damaged by natural disaster? “Prudent Places” is a CD-ROM made by Berkey that provides maps and good escape locations all over the country.
  4. If you and your family are separated during an emergency, do you have a designated meeting place?
  5. Do you have first aid supplies?

You can have confidence and be prepared for any emergency if you sit down with your family and think things through. It should take about one hour for initial planning.

Then make sure to take care of any necessary steps, such as purchasing needed items, as soon as possible.

Being prepared is something you will never regret. Let Berkey help in your preparedness.