Go Berkey System is a Great Portable Water Purifier

Go Berkey SystemThe Go Berkey system is the newest addition to Berkey’s portable water purifiers. Just as powerful as other Berkeys, this handy purifier is easy to travel with and doesn’t take up much room at all.

It’s perfect for college students, business travelers, or for putting on your desk at work. And its design is eye-catching and attractive.

As with most of the Berkey systems, Go Berkey is made of highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel. It stands 14″ in height when in use and has a diameter of 4″. It holds one Black Berkey Purification Element, and can filter a gallon of water every hour.

Even more impressive, though, is this filter’s reputation for quality and durability. Though small in size, this portable water purifier removes countless harmful substances, including pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, trihalomethanes, lead, and mercury. So much power is packed into this little system.

But that’s not all. Its filtration element can even extract red food coloring from water. It can guarantee the cleanest and purest water possible.

In the meantime, this filter is smart enough to leave in all the essential minerals found in water that are necessary for the body. Go Berkey’s water is virtually tasteless and fresh, exactly the way water should be.

You can’t go wrong with any of the Berkey filtration systems, and just like all the rest, Go Berkey produces the cleanest, healthiest water available.

This Berkey system weighs 2.4 pounds, making it easy to transport. You can literally take it with you anywhere you go. Its portability makes clean, pure water available at all times. It’s a perfect gift for those who care about their health or travel a lot.

Berkey has put together their Go Berkey Kit which includes the Go Berkey system, one Black Berkey Purification Element, one generic Sport Berkey bottle (another awesome portable water purifier), and a vinyl carry case.

Talk about a perfect gift!

This kit is especially useful for camping or taking trips where clean water isn’t available. It has no limits, though, and can be used in any setting imaginable. The Go Berkey Kit is a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Before purchasing, though, take into consideration that this is not the best choice of system for a family needing water on a trip. It is better for a single person since it can’t provide the amount of water necessary for a family in a timely manner.

There really are so many great ways to use it. Many people work in an office and this is the perfect source of water so set on their desk. No more trips to the water cooler! It even works well in a home office.

And it’s a great and easy way for your college student to ensure they’re getting enough clean water on campus. It won’t take up much space in a dorm room and it’s a much better option than buying a bunch of bottled water.

It’s also ideal for a single person just starting off on their own who cares about clean water, but can’t yet afford one of the larger systems.

Go Berkey has everything you want when it comes to clean, quality water. This portable water purifier is unlike anything else on the market and it bears the Berkey stamp of approval.