New Black Berkey Purification Elements Test Data Released

Black Berkey Purification Elements Test ResultsBerkey is always striving to provide the absolute best in water purification and once again they come out on top over all the competition.

We have just released brand new test data on the black Berkey purification elements that will knock your socks off! This is an official report as of October 2014.

The official EPA lab who conducted this testing was done by ENVIROTEK LABORATORIES, INC. They are based in New Jersey.

The new results will absolutely amaze you so without any delay:

  • Chloramine reduced by 99.9%
  • Gasoline products reduced by 99.9%
  • Pharmaceuticals reduced by 99.5%
  • PCB’s reduced by 99.9%
  • BPA reduced by 99.5%
  • eColi reduced by 99.9%

One of my favorite new results with the black Berkey purification elements is the reduction of Methylcycohexane-methane by 99.9% which was the the contaminate involved with the West Virginia chemical spill earlier in 2014.

Continue reading below for the most important results in my opinion.

Heavy Metals Black Berkey Purificatication Elements Results

You already knew this but I wanted to highlight these results once again. These are all toxins which if you consume each day you could possibly get severe neurological health problems. I’m not a doctor but I’ve read all the studies concerning healthy metal consumption and brain health.

Mercury is so toxic yet it’s in the water in trace amounts and of course it’s in just about every vaccine.

  • Aluminum – 99.1% reduction
  • Arsenic – 99.9% reduction
  • Cadmium – 99.7% reduction
  • Lead – 99.9% reduction
  • Mercury – 99.9% reduction

Pesticides Reduced By The Black Berkey Filters

What a relief it is to know all the following pesticides are removed or reduced seems how they are so prevalent today. It’s sprayed on fruit, veggies and just about every other food.

The contaminated water then goes back into the ground. I guess what I’m trying to say is that pesticides are everywhere including your tap water. These are a must for you to remove.

  • DDT – 99.9% reduction
  • Atrazine – 99.9% reduction
  • Diphenamid – 99.9% reduction
  • Prometron – 99.9% reduction
  • PCB’s – 99.9% reduction

Semivolatile Contaminants Reduced By The Black Berkey Purification Elements

Check out these semivolatile contaminants reduced or removed by the black Berkey element filters. Diazinon is especially toxic as it’s used for pest control.

Hexazinone is a nasty little herbicide. It’s basically pure poison and is made by the company DuPont.

  • Acenaphthylene – 99.9% reduction
  • Diazinon – 99.9% reduction
  • Diphenamid – 99.9% reduction
  • Fluorene – 99.9% reduction
  • Hexazinone – 99.9% reduction

Disinfectant and Inorganic Non-Metallic Contaminants Reduced

Here are four very important toxins that are reduced or removed from your water while using the black Berkey purification elements. While before we knew from testing that chlorine was eliminated now we know for sure 99.9% of chloramines are eliminated as well.

Do you see fluoride on the list? I do too! I talked with the manufacturers and they said while this testing of “brand new” black elements show 99.9% reduction of fluoride they will be doing further testing to see the reduction rates as they age.

There are several factors involved in the process so they recommended to me to continue using the PF-2 fluoride filters as well. I recommend the same thing to you.

  • Chloramines – 99.9% reduction
  • Free Chlorine – 99.9% reduction
  • Chloride – 99.6% reduction
  • Fluoride – 99.9% reduction

Pharmaceutical Drugs Contaminants Removed or Reduced

I’ve been waiting on this for years! I’m so happy that this is finally listed as being removed or reduced! Your local city water company doesn’t remove any of these. The Black Berkey filters do.

This is only a portion of the list. You’ve got to read the whole test sheet to see all the other big pharma products which are reduced or eliminated.

  • Acetaminofen – 99.5% reduction
  • Caffeine – 99.5% reduction
  • Bisphenol A – 99.5% reduction
  • Progestrone – 99.5% reduction

Petroleum Contaminants Removed or Reduced

Here is another category I’m super excited about that has never been published before. You’re seeing it here right now.

This is so important because when the Environmental Working Group released a water testing report they showed fuel in the water which is highly toxic.

One thing we have to keep remembering is that your city’s water treatment plant doesn’t hardly filter anything.

  • Gasoline – 99.9% reduction
  • Crude Oil – 99.9% reduction
  • Kerosene – 99.9% reduction
  • Mineral Spirits – 99.9% reduction

Micro-Organisms Removed or Reduced

This was one of the main selling points for me and my family when we first bought a Berkey.

This one is not only important for you and your Berkey at home but also for when you travel and use it while camping or vacationing somewhere.

  • Total Coliform – 99.9% reduction
  • Fecal Coliform – 99.9% reduction
  • e. Coli – 99.9% reduction

Final Thoughts on the Black Berkey Purification Elements

In conclusion, this new testing really solidifies Berkey as the number one option for those looking to drink clean, pure water. These results personally give me new and super charged confidence in the black Berkey purification elements.

Remember that the elements will last 3,000 gallons or longer. They are the most cost effective water purification elements period. They also haven’t gone up in price in quite a while so now is the time to stock up.

Again, these are brand new, up-to-date, official test results. To see the full results click here.

If you have any questions about the black Berkey purification elements please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  1. You know who was asking me about this the other day, Erika. She was wondering if I liked my Berkey and if it took out all the fluoride and chlorine. I told her it did, but I didn’t have any links to show her at the time because it was just a fly by conversation – I’ll have to show her this, thanks for sharing.

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