Nebraskans Say ‘No’ to Fluoride In Drinking Water

sodium fluoride in drinking waterSeveral years ago, a Nebraska law stated that by July 1, 2010 every town in the state with 1,000 or more residents must have fluoride added to their water unless the town citizens vote against it.

Several towns took the initiative and voted against water fluoridation. Good for them!

Residents of Wisner, Wakefield, and Yutan are among those that voted “no” to fluoride. These three towns actually took two separate polls, because residents complained that the language on the first ballot was confusing.

Apparently a lot of people in these areas did their research when it came to fluoride.

Many wonder why people would vote against having fluoride added to their drinking water? After all, our dentists and government says it’s safe and beneficial.

But in fact, fluoride is a harmful toxin that was originally used as an insecticide and rat poison. Um, no thank you.

Health and Fluoride in Drinking Water

It has been linked to many health issues, including damage of the brain, thyroid gland, bones, and kidneys. Too much fluoride consumption is even associated with some bone cancer cases.

It’s exciting to hear that educated citizens are standing up and saying “no” to harmful water fluoridation. Hopefully more Americans will learn the truth about fluoride and make the initiative to keep it out of their water supplies.

Unfortunately, even educated Americans may have trouble influencing their city to remove fluoride from water. It can be a tough battle that many are unable to fight.

If fluoride-free water isn’t an option in your community, don’t give up hope. There is still a solution to make sure your family doesn’t consume this toxin. Berkey fluoride filters are key in these situations.

Most water purifiers don’t remove fluoride, so don’t assume your standard drug-store filter will do the trick. But, the powerful fluoride filters by Berkey can guarantee fluoride-free drinking water.

Tell Me About The Berkey Fluoride Filters

With a lifespan of 1,000 gallons, this filter specifically removes fluoride, arsenic, and other residual heavy metal ions, making your water clean and safe to drink. That’s a long time for a filter to work.

These fluoride filters connect to any of the Berkey purification systems, which already reduce all heavy metals by 95% and pathogens by 100%. So if you already have a Berkey filtration system, all you need to do is purchase the fluoride filters as an add-on.

All filters made by Berkey eliminate only harmful substances while leaving in the healthy and necessary minerals found in water. With the addition of the fluoride filters, Berkey literally creates the purest water possible. Another great thing is that these fluoride filters also eliminate arsenic!

Despite what we hear from many people, governments, etc., fluoride in drinking water is unnecessary and dangerous. It can cause much more harm than good. But don’t believe me. Do your own research.

Like these Nebraskan towns, fluoride should be removed from all American drinking supplies in America. Hopefully more citizens will be willing to fight for fluoride-free water.

Final Thoughts on Fluoride in Drinking Water

But until that day comes, a Berkey fluoride filter is necessary to protect your family from fluoride consumption.