Hurricane Katrina Proves the Necessity of Preparedness

Go Berkey For PreparednessAlmost everyone in America remembers the dreadful tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The intensity of this natural disaster was far worse than what anyone expected.

This Category 5 hurricane took more than 1,800 lives and left approximately 80% of New Orleans under water. It caused $81 billion of property damage and fifteen million people were affected by the storm. Even today many Americans still suffer the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Is it possible for people to prepare for a natural disaster like Katrina? While there can never be a 100 percent guarantee of yourself or your home surviving such powerful weather, there are plenty of preparedness steps to take to increase your chances of survival.

Best Supplies For Preparedness

The most important resource you can have during any disaster is clean water. Many people were out of clean water during and after Katrina and suffered dehydration, sickness and even death.

If they had clean water they would have been much better off.

On many levels, FEMA and other agencies did a poor job of helping Katrina victims. Providing clean water when it was most needed is one way they failed. Americans should see this as a wake-up call.

We shouldn’t trust the “authorities” or anyone else to save us during a natural disaster. It is our responsibility to take care of our own families.

Having the necessary supplies at all times is essential. Even if such a disaster never effects you, and hopefully it won’t, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Owning a good quality portable water purifier , like a Berkey filtration system, is important.

What a Berkey Can Do For Your Preparedness

Berkey water filters remove harmful substances like pathogenic bacteria, parasites, cysts and any other contaminants that could enter the water supply. These systems guarantee the cleanest water possible, whether or not you’re in the middle of a natural disaster.

Berkey water purifiers are portable and can be carried with you without having to be attached to your faucet. What good is purified water if it can only be accessed in a flooded or damaged home?

And since Berkey systems are so powerful, they will purify water from any source without you worrying about what’s being ingested.

The hand-held Sport Berkey filter comes in handy when you must leave the home, as the case was with many Katrina victims. But it’s also good to have a larger

Berkey water filter to provide clean water for your whole family in disasters that won’t let you leave your home. Berkey filters range in size and can hold anywhere from one quart to six gallons at a time.

Water is not the only necessity during a crisis. Other important things to have are stored food, flashlights, extra batteries and an emergency evacuation plan in place. All of these and more increase your chances for survival.

Berkey also has a video titled “Sheltering in Place” to prepare you for all types of emergencies.

For sure, though, clean water will keep you alive and healthy the longest. Make sure your family gets a powerful, high-quality Berkey portable water purifier as soon as possible. It could save yours or a loved-one’s life.