GMO Farming Herbicide Causing Water Contamination

farmers spraying herbicideMillions of people are outraged with the health effects of GMO foods. They’ve have been trying to get these frankenstein foods to have labeling.

As this is happening a study has found a widely used herbicide is being found in the groundwater across the U.S.

This includes places of contamination such as aquifers, wells, and springs.

This herbicide ingredient is called glyphosate and is found in the Roundup product from Monsanto who is the company fighting everyone to NOT have GMO labeling on foods.

Farmers use this product to kill weeds. They are actually seeing Roundup resistant superweeds growing now which is destroying their crop land.

There were 140 samples taken during this study of groundwater and here’s what they found.

Glyphosate was present above limit of quantification levels in 41% of the samples. This was with concentrations as high as 2.5 μg/L and a mean concentration of 200 ng/L. Good agreement was obtained when comparing the results from IA and on-line SPE-LC-MS/MS analyses. In addition, no false negatives were obtained by the use of the rapid IA. read more

They then determined that the glyphosate is capable of reaching groundwater.

I personally know someone who sprays this type of chemical for a living. They always tell us that all it takes is for a few rains and the chemical is harmless. This study says otherwise.

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Why You Should Care About GMO’s Causing Water Contamination

You should care because if it’s getting into the water supply then you are most likely drinking it. This is because your city doesn’t filter it out before it reaches your tap.

RoundUp has been linked to over 30 major health issues.

This includes Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, imbalanced hormones in children, DNA damage, low testosterone, endocrine disruption, liver cancer, parkinsonian disorders, infertility, skin cancer, kidney damage, and even mercury poisoning.

The Solution

The solution is ultimately to have glyphosate banned. The other solution is to have a water filtration system in place to eliminate pesticides and herbicides.

The city water plant doesn’t clean out Roundup. They do dump chlorine in the water to attempt killing viruses and bacteria. Did you know the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies chlorine as a pesticide?

Cheap filters from the store also don’t clean this stuff out. You’ve got to find a water purification system which filters pesticides and herbicides out.

The testing of our Black Berkey purification elements indicate they are very powerful at extracting organic compounds.

This gives us the expectation that they should be effective at removing or reducing pesticides and herbicides derived from organic compounds.

Further, we would expect they would reduce or remove the organic portion of compounds that are composed of both organic and inorganic materials.

Since it’s unlikely that anyone has specific testing results on all the herbicides that are potentially out there in your water, it seems the best strategy would be to obtain the most powerful water purification system available.

The most powerful systems are typically those that are capable of purifying raw, untreated water.

Final Thoughts

The Berkey water purification elements have been tested to remove pesticides and herbicides and that is your most cost effective solution.

In conclusion, GMO’s have proven to be harmful to human consumption. The best way to avoid this contaminant in your water is to own a Berkey water purification system.

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