Kansas Doctor Deceives Residents To Dangers of Water Fluoridation

A Kansas pediatrician and his group Wichitans For Healthy Teeth are completely clueless to the dangers of water fluoridation as they are making a major push to rally people behind them in their quest for fluoridated water. The city of Wichita currently doesn’t add this toxic substance to their water and Dr. Larry Hund has […]

Are People Who Want Water With Fluoride Banned Hysterical and Militant?

The last seven years have showed us people are becoming more informed about the dangers of water with fluoride as many communities are banning the toxic substance. People are coming together and saying enough is enough! At the same time there are misinformed folks and government shills who resort to name calling and quack theories […]

Water Filters That Remove Fluoride – Is It Necessary?

I’m here to tell you that it is 100 percent true there are water filters that remove fluoride. The Berkey PF2 fluoride filters have been tested and approved to reduce it up to 99.75%. What’s the big deal about fluoride, you might be asking. Fluoride greatly reduces the development of a child’s brain which lowers […]

How To Remove Fluoride From Water

The reason we need to know how to remove fluoride from water is because it is a known toxin that is proven to damage human health. It has been shown to cause dental fluorosis, brain damage, lower IQ, non-IQ neurotoxic effects such as fetal brain damage, harmful effects to the pineal gland, disruption of thyroid […]

Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride?

Do Brita filters remove fluoride? That is a curious question because they sell a lot of their pitcher and sink filters and they can be had for very cheap at your local store. I’ve done the research and I’ll answer that question but don’t you want to know what else they filter … or don’t […]