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Berkey Fluoride Filters Guarantee 99.75% Reduction Of Fluoride and 100% of Arsenic.

Choose Fluoride-Free Drinking Water To Help Avoid Health Problems Like Fluorosis and Alzheimer’s.

A huge myth in today’s world states that fluoride is good for you and necessary to consume. It used to be only associated with visits to the dentist, where regular fluoride treatments are common.

But, since the 1940’s and continuing to this very day, it’s added to an increasing number of commonly consumed products, including toothpaste, water and even certain foods.

You’re probably wondering why we’re fed so much of it if it’s bad for us. Before this chemical was utilized primarily by dentists to fight tooth decay, it was used as an insecticide and rat poison.

It is a pollutant and a by-product of iron, copper and aluminum manufacturing.

Bag of Toxic Fluoride

Studies have shown that there’s no guarantee that fluoride decreases tooth decay.

Countries that do not fluoridate their water supply have the same or fewer number of tooth decay cases as those with fluoridated H2O, according to World Health Organization statistics.

In areas where more fluoride is added to water, there’s also an increase in neurotoxicity, bone cancer, Alzheimer’s and other health issues.

Children exposed to too much of it tend to have lower I.Q. levels. It negatively affects the brain, thyroid gland, bones and kidneys.

Much more could be said about this dangerous poison. In short, fluoride should be avoided at all costs.

Berkey Light With Fluoride Filters Attached

PF-2 Berkey® fluoride filters are the most productive filters you can buy to remove this unwanted chemical. Reverse osmosis may do away with it, but it also removes good minerals from H2O.

Distillation filters can also do the job, but they leave other impurities to consume.

Berkey® ALWAYS leaves in the good and removes the bad. Under optimum conditions, more than 99.75% of fluoride is removed with these filters. In addition, 100% of any arsenic and other residual heavy metal ions are eliminated.

The PF-2 Berkey® fluoride filters are elements that simply attach to your main Berkey filter, whether you have the Berkey Light, Travel Berkey or another filter.

These fluoride filters work perfectly with Berkey products and cannot be used as an individual filter, such as on your kitchen sink.

Berkey Fluoride Filters

The fluoride filters last 1,000 gallons and depending on the Berkey® you own and how often you refill, they can last anywhere from five months to two years before replacement is necessary. For example, the Royal Berkey® holds 3.25 gallons (1,000/3.25), allowing 307 refills.

If you refill this Berkey® once a day, the filters should last 10 months. In areas where levels of fluoride, arsenic and heavy metals are high, the capacity of the filters may be reduced and they may need to be changed more frequently.

When it comes to cutting out as much of this toxin from your diet as possible, the PF-2 Berkey® fluoride filters are the most powerful and trustworthy. They will keep your family healthy and fluoride free.

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