Build a Survival Water Plan and Avoid Disaster With These Resources

I’ve been thinking about building a survival water plan for quite a long time. I’ve been gathering information in a careful manner because I’m not only doing this for my family but for you too. I now realize the seriousness of the situation and how quickly this information must be put into practice. My timeline […]

Best Bug Out Bags For Sale – Great Quality and Low Price

Being prepared for an emergency is important for anyone. Having bug out bags for all adults in the family is an essential step in preparing ahead of time for an emergency such as earthquake, fire or a tornado. We live in uncertain times and it only makes sense to be ready for anything. There are […]

How To Store Drinking Water The Best Way

People who want to be prepared for uncertain times really need to know how to store drinking water. On the radio I heard a top blogger on preparedness topics give a top five list for what we need to be prepared with. Water was number three I believe and that shows you how important water […]

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag – Perfect For Emergencies?

Emergency Preparedness Expos Versus Self Reliance Expos

I’ve recently heard of emergency preparedness expos and most of them are held in areas where natural disasters are more common. Usually they are put on by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations while others are put together by several different groups. Many times they are free to attend because there are lots of vendors inside who share […]

Water Preparedness For Tough Times

There is quite a bit of talk surrounding emergency food supplies and storage but what about water preparedness? Food is very important, we all know that. Who likes to even go a half day without food? Not me! Water is even more important though. It’s hard to go an hour without water and the thought […]

55 Gallon Water Barrel Review – Best For Preparedness?

The 55 Gallon Water Barrel is one of the most popular water storage barrels available today, as lots and lots of people are buying it. If you’re looking for a quality and BPA free water barrel, then this could be the perfect solution. I’ve personally researched this and there really aren’t that many quality ones […]

Survival Water Purification Is Priority #1

More and more over the years I’ve learned about being prepared for anything and the most important subject I’ve learned about is survival water purification. I’m all for stocking up food, but if you don’t have clean water then you are in trouble. You can go so many days without food but the human body […]

Drinking Clean Water Despite A Flood

There are several things you don’ t want to do if your area is hit with a flood.  Do not walk or swim in flood waters.  Do not drive in or near flood waters and be watchful for power lines which may have fallen into nearby water.  Most of all, don’t drink flood water but […]

Sheltering In Place Just In Case

There are some things I don’t enjoy talking about.  I really am doing everything I can to be a positive person.  I love the idea of being optimistic instead of a doomsdayer.  However, there is something called real life.  Because of all the disastrous events that occur every day in the world, I found it […]