Emergency Preparedness Expos Versus Self Reliance Expos

wheat fieldI’ve recently heard of emergency preparedness expos and most of them are held in areas where natural disasters are more common. Usually they are put on by 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations while others are put together by several different groups.

Many times they are free to attend because there are lots of vendors inside who share information and sell products right there.

I remember going to one of these right before Y2K and there was actually a ton of great preparedness info, nice people with common beliefs and lots of great products. I actually bought a few things.

What Can You Learn at Emergency Preparedness Expos?

Northwest Florida holds an event each year by the group Support Alliance For Emergency Readiness (SAFER). Gulf Breeze News says they are an:

organization whose core purpose is to engage the community in disaster preparedness, response and recovery and was established to engage all sectors of the community to ensure scarce resources are utilized effectively, efficiently and with minimum duplication.

They advertise the expo for businesses and homes to be protected against disaster.

So what can you learn at an event like this?

At these type of expos you can learn how to be most efficient in helping your community during and after some sort of natural disaster or other emergency.

The Self Reliance Expo

I personally prefer something more along the lines of a self reliance expo. These usually don’t have so much government involvement which is actually quite creepy if you asked me.

These are usually put on by like-minded individuals such as preppers and folks in the self reliance world. Sometimes there are training classes, presentations and even exhibits.

These types of expos also have sponsors and vendors and many times you can bring the kids because they promote family values.

Our family attended one a few years ago and had a lot of fun going around talking to the vendors, taking classes such as first aid and meeting like minded people.

My Preference

I personally prefer the self reliance expos because they actually teach you skills you can use every day not just during a natural disaster. You can use these skills for that too but you can also use them for events such as economic disasters.

All you need to do is look online for one in your area.

Have you ever been to an emergency preparedness expo? Leave a comment below and tell us what you learned.

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