Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride?

Do Brita filters remove fluoride? That is a curious question because they sell a lot of their pitcher and sink filters and they can be had for very cheap at your local store.

I’ve done the research and I’ll answer that question but don’t you want to know what else they filter … or don’t filter? I sure did and that’s why I took a look.

I owned a Brita for a few years in the early 2000s but this was before I became educated as to what was in my tap water. I bet you’re curious about that too.

Do Brita Filters Remove Fluoride, Yes Or No!?

No they do not! I personally looked at their “performance data sheet” and they absolutely don’t filter fluoride or arsenic.

What a shame, right? I’m really glad that they say their filters “turn ordinary water into healthier, great-tasting drinking water.” It may be a touch healthier than tap water but I wouldn’t call Brita water “healthy” because it’s not.

Here’s what they do filter: copper, mercury, cadmium, chlorine and zinc. That’s it!

They filter those items but not all the way. They only filter mercury at a minimum of 91%. Notice that I didn’t list lead? It’s because according to their list they don’t filter lead.

You may be thinking that this type of filter is better than nothing, right? I would say no. You might only spend $10 for a pitcher and $20 every three months for filters but that can actually add up.

Guess what though? If any bacteria, cysts, pesticides or parasites get into the water then you’ll be like every other Joe and Sally. You’ll be boiling your water and your money will have been wasted.

Why Should We Care About Fluoride?

Before fluoride was utilized by dentists to fight tooth decay, it was used as an insecticide and rat poison. A pollutant, fluoride is a by-product of iron, copper and aluminum manufacturing.

Swallowing fluoride has nothing to do with keeping your teeth healthy. Tests have linked fluoride consumption to damage of the brain, thyroid gland, bones and kidneys. Learn more about fluoride in my article “Fluoride Added To Drinking Water is Scary Business.”

I know your initial question was “do Brita filters remove fluoride?” but I had to expand on that for you to provide the best possible answer.


  1. I have researched how to remove fluoride from water and have been told by experts that only reverse osmosis water filters will remove fluoride.

    Most people have no idea whether their water company adds fluoride or not – and that is endangering their health. I do not drink or cook with the water where I currently live because it is fluoridated as is all water that comes from the North Texas Municipal Water District ( that supplies most of north-east Texas.

    The only local community I know of offhand that does not use their water is Rose Hill SUD supplying Post Oak Bend.

    I strongly encourage every person to make sure they are NOT using fluoridated water, to limit their consumption of bottled water, soda, and canned and packaged foods containing fluoride, to stop using fluoridated toothpaste and other dental products and to not have their dentists use them on their teeth.

    Only when enough people refuse to buy fluoridated products will we get them to offer alternatives. I have to order toothpaste online because even huge big box stores and grocery stores with hundreds of types of toothpaste often have not one single fluoride-free option on the shelves.

    If you don’t believe fluoride is bad for your health just read the warning on your toothpaste, search for rare bone cancer in boys, or look at the ingredients on rat poison.

  2. Thank you for your comment Gail. It’s so good to hear you have studied this subject and are trying to reach out to people to tell them about it too.

    You can read some of my blog posts to see why I don’t fully like reverse osmosis but the Berkey PF2 fluoride filters do a great job.

    They reduce fluoride up to 99.75%. That’s not quite total removal but it’s really close.

    I’m really hoping we can share this message with families all across the United States because fluoride is harming a lot of people.

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