Countertop Water Filters and Your Cooking Needs

Countertop Water FiltersMost of us are aware that tap water isn’t clean. In fact, an Environmental Working Group recently found 315 pollutants in the tap water Americans drink.

This is unacceptable in a first world country. This is why we all should consider the importance of owning countertop water filters that can remove these toxins.

There are a host of possible contaminants in your water including lead, mercury, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, and much more. No one wants to consume these toxins because they have been proven to cause serious health issues, both in the near and distant future.

You are most likely reading this because you are concerned for your health and your family’s health. Good for you! Water is so important for survival, but if the water source isn’t clean, then what good is it?

Drinking clean water isn’t always enough, though. I want to make you aware of other areas and times when you need purified water. Let’s stay in the kitchen for a moment and think of all the ways you use water. You use water to wash dishes, cook, and fill ice trays. Those are a few I can think of.

It’s a good idea to use countertop water filters for cooking, which is something many people do every day.

A common misunderstanding is that if you boil water it cleans it of all contaminants. But unfortunately, many contaminants, such as heavy metals, will still be around after water has been boiled. When you need a cup of water for cooking you may be tempted to get it from the tap. Don’t do it!

Everybody has ice cubes in their freezer whether it’s an automatic ice machine or the old cube trays.

My family uses the trays because we know exactly where the water comes from. You see, even most refrigerator filter systems don’t filter out many of the toxins listed above.

How about the water you give to your pets? It’s almost automatic to place the water bowl under the tap. Do them a favor and give them clean pure water. With a countertop water filter system, this is easy to do.

Countertop water filters are affordable and easy to maintain.

There are many benefits to having a countertop system verses one that is installed into your faucet. Unlike other systems, like reverse osmosis, the Berkey systems not only eliminate toxins, but they also keep the beneficial minerals from water intact.

The countertop model also allows you to take clean water wherever you go. It’s perfect for outdoor activities or trips.

Berkey systems are also affordable because the filters last much longer than typical water filters. Many filters must be replaced every two or three months, but the Berkey elements can last a year or longer.

They’re also easy to install and easy to clean. The sleek look is also attractive. We’ve received lots of compliments on our Berkey, due to the look of the system and the taste of the water.

Final Thoughts on Countertop Water Filters

When you consider all you can use your countertop water filter system for, it’s easy to see the benefits. We deserve clean water not just for when we need a drink.

With a Berkey system you can make sure you have cleaning water for all your water needs.