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Homesteading Family Feature – The Swindolls

By Jeff Wise March 07, 2023

On the outskirts of a popular middle Tennessee city, lives Josh, Paige, and their three children.

The Swindoll family has lived in the area for three years now, but over the course of two decades they've slowly started transforming their world to reflect a homesteading lifestyle.

The week of March 8 is their anniversary and in 2023 Josh and Paige commemorate 20 years of marriage and all they've accomplished together. They have much to celebrate!

Swindoll Homesteading Family

The Beginning of Their Family Homesteading Mindset

Josh and Paige's homesteading journey began with a natural and independent mindset. When the Swindoll children were old enough to start their education, they decided to homeschool.

This decision was made for several reasons; not only to meet the academic needs of their children, but also to have some control over their education.

Healthy, clean eating has also been a large focus for the Swindoll family. They prioritize a low-carb, organic-meat diet and try to avoid gluten, as Paige has a gluten sensitivity.

It's no surprise that clean water is equally important to them, as the Swindoll's have owned a Berkey water filter system for more than five years.

In all areas of life, they make efforts to choose clean options to give their kids a healthy start and a long, bright future.

Further Steps to Becoming a Homesteading Family

Funny Farm Family Homestead

Before moving to middle Tennessee, Josh and Paige lived on 3 acres of land. At this point, it was only natural to take their homesteading life to the next level.

First, they decided to buy chickens.

"We bought a house with a chicken coop," Paige explains, "and my daughter asked for chickens for her birthday. So, we started with a small flock of 10."

Just last year, the family happily bought their Middle Tennessee house on 8.4 acres and their homesteading experience expanded.

In addition to standard egg-laying chickens, the Swindoll's now own several silkies, including this showgirl silkie named Shelly.

Showgirl silkies are chickens with the combined breeds of Silkies and Turkens. These interesting birds lack barbicels so their feathers tend to look more like fur. Their necks are naked, but they don a fluffy crest of feathers on their heads.

The Swindoll's have thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of owning chickens.

"I like having eggs," Paige says. "It's fun to get them daily."

It's also a source of income, as they sell their eggs to friends and neighbors.

Another fun family experience has been dog breeding. They've started breeding schnoodle puppies, which is a breed of Schnauzers and Poodles.

The kids love taking care of the puppies and it's a great learning opportunity for the whole family.

Breeding Schnoodles on Homestead

More To Life Than Homesteading

In the case of the Swindoll family, homesteading life doesn't consume their every moment. Josh has a regular job as a salesman and he sells semi-trucks as an assistant new truck manager.

In addition, Josh has a talent for carpentry. This was the field he started in and he continues to do carpentry work in his spare time. He also teaches this skill to their kids.

Paige and the children participate in a local homeschool co-op. And the kids have multiple extra-curricular activities they’ve participated in over the years.

Their children are growing up to have a well-rounded life! They're also learning how to be self-sufficient.

What Does the Future Hold for the Swindoll Family?

Paige and Josh love their homesteading life! Not only does it give them self-reliance and independence, but it allows them to teach their children valuable life lessons.

What's next for this homesteading family? According to Josh, the next step is more pets.

"My husband wants to get goats," Paige chuckles. "I’m not so sure. It sounds like too much work!"

Whatever their future holds, it is sure to be full of fun and adventure.

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