Beware of These Water Contaminants and Filter Them Out

fertilizing tractorDid you know there are a few particular water contaminants that Americans consume when they drink tap water?

Your city does treat water as they heap tons of disinfectants in such as chlorine and many cities dump fluoride in the water as well.

However, it’s said to be an expensive and difficult process to clean certain contaminants and in the end it’s much easier to fix the problem from the source.

Nitrates and Phosphorus Are Water Contaminants You Shouldn’t Drink

The particular pollutants I’m referring to are nitrogen and phosphorus which end up in our rivers, lakes and water supply as a result of chemical fertilizers.

Drinking nitrates day after day has harmful effects on everyone from babies to seniors. It is toxic and has been known to damage thyroid function as well as cause cancer.

Phosphorus and nitrogen can cause cyanobacteria to bloom which then contaminates the water which then releases toxins that kill fish and really hurt humans such as the nervous system and liver.

When speaking about this the Environmental Working Group says, “Treating algal contamination this way gives rise to carcinogenic disinfection byproducts, whose levels typically spike during the summer months – when algae blooms peak. Commonly used measures to reduce algal contamination add hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to water utilities’ treatment costs.”

They go on to say it’s estimated that it would cost $4.8 billion a year to reduce nitrate from the water. All because of chemical fertilizers?

You really need to read the report EWG put out. It’s a long read but you will learn about what they say the solution is. Fixing the pollution at the source and that source being the farming industry.

Will they do it? Most likely not. Most of them don’t care as long as they make big profits.

Do Your Filters Remove These Harmful Water Contaminants?

Until there is something done these pollutants will continue to be in your drinking water along with disinfectants.

The best thing you can do is have those things removed from your water before you drink it. You must have a purifier that removes nitrates, nitrites as well as chlorine and chlorine residual.

Removing those are much, much safer than just reducing them by 50%. Give yourself some peace of mind by cleansing your water before gulping it down.

Your best shot at staying healthy and avoiding these toxic chemicals is by using one of the Berkey water filter systems such as the Berkey Light.

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