Berkey Water Purifier Protects People From Drinking Nitrites

While we’ve in the past talked about filtering Nitrates using Berkey water filters which is true, Berkey doesn’t test for nitrates anymore. Berkey systems DO test and filter nitrites. I apologize for the confusion.

chemical sprayer in fieldA Berkey water purifier not only protects people in times of emergency in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated water may not be available.

They are powerful and economical systems for everyday use as well.

In fact, my family has used one every day for many years. We depend on it to protect us from all the contamination which still invades our water supply even though it’s treated.

I recently read an article which said California drinking water supplies are contaminated with nitrates. Scientists said high levels of nitrates are associated with “blue baby syndrome,” reproductive disorders and cancer.

It is said that chemical fertilizers and livestock manure are the main source of nitrate contamination in groundwater and this is affecting nearly one million residents in the state.

I did further study and found it is also used to make glass and explosives. Both nitrates and nitrites are used extensively to enhance the color and extend the shelf life of processed meats as well.

This University of California, Davis study found one in 10 people in this particular study rely on untreated groundwater that may exceed the nitrate standards.

Berkey Water Purifier Reduces Nitrites

The black Berkey filters eliminate so many harmful things. Sometimes I take them for granted and forget all it filters. There are things it completely removes such as trihalomethanes and pathogenic bacteria.

There are other things it reduces to almost 100% like heavy metals like mercury and aluminum.

One of the critters it reduces greatly is nitrites. What a huge relief! It also reduces, rust, silt and sediment so you know you are more safe.

Whether you are drinking from groundwater or treated water you need the safe and secure feeling knowing that nitrates aren’t going to be a problem.

In fact, the manufacturer of the Berkey, New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. had testing done by the county of Los Angeles in 2012 and they found nitrite reduced by greater than 95%.

Their laboratory ID number is E1201232001 for those who want to verify this.

Berkey Water Purifier Much Cheaper Than Large Scale Treatment

The study concluded by saying cleaning up polluted aquifers would be too difficult and very expensive.

In fact, they said it might cost $20 million to $35 million per year for California and the only way to get that kind of money is by more oppressive taxes.

The great news is that a Berkey water filter doesn’t cost much money at all. It literally is the world’s most powerful and cost effective personal water purification system available.

You can get the basic Travel Berkey system for around $228 while the bigger Royal Berkey system can be had for around $290. All systems come with a set of black Berkey purification filters which last one year depending on how much you filter each day.

I feel really bad for those dealing with nitrates in California but it’s affecting just about every area and it gives my family peace of mind knowing our Berkey water purifier is keeping contamination out.

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