Berkey Water Filter Coupon – Are These Legit In The Year 2018?

Berkey Water Filter CouponEvery time I shop for something online I look for a discount, wanting to get the best price possible, and many times I find one.

I’ve saved a lot of money by taking my time searching for the best deal.

Knowing how I think and shop, I thought it was fitting that I provide a few Berkey water filter coupon codes for everyone’s benefit. This is the best deal you will find for these products.

Don’t worry. These don’t expire for a long time. I may replace these with other one’s as time goes on but whatever you find on this page won’t be expired.

Especially relevant is I will also match any price out there from any competitors and beat their price. Just call me or email me here.

  1. The first and most important coupon code I have for you is 2013 fluoride. This gives you 10% off the already low priced PF-2 arsenic and fluoride reduction elements here.
  2. One of the most underrated items here is the ceramic systems. The cost is already chopped down, but you can get an additional 5% off with promo code 5bigceramic. Just apply the code at checkout once you put this in your cart.
  3. The final discount I want to share with you is the MP Solar charger with six batteries and multi-purpose adapters. These are for the LED base lamps you get with the Berkey Light. 10% off. The code is savewithsolar. Get started here.

Follow These Easy Steps

  1. All you need to do is go to the page that has the product you desire and click the button that reads “add to cart.”
  2. You will then click the link on the right that reads “edit shopping cart”.
  3. Enter the coupon code and click the button that reads “apply coupon code”.
  4. You will see the discount present and accounted for and then you can click the link at the top that reads “proceed to checkout”.

As always, feel free to email or call me at 615-710-6124. Even if I don’t answer please leave a detailed message.

Looking For a Big Berkey Water Filter Coupon?

In conclusion, many people are looking for a discounted price for our ever popular Big Berkey water filter. The bad news is that for all the purification systems there is a minimum advertised price.

That means I’m not allowed to display on my site or on any social media a discounted price on a full system.

However, that doesn’t mean I occasionally have deals on my newsletter list or by personally emailing me. You never know.


  1. What an awesome discount for these Berkey Water Filter items. Clean water is so important!

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