The #1 Go Berkey Water Filter Review

You can purchase the Go Berkey water filter for around $150. This comes with one Black Berkey filter and the stainless steel design makes this system very attractive. This purifier is perfect for camping, travel and for your office desk. You also get a Berkey sport bottle with it along with a nice little carrying […]

Berkey Water Filter California – Now Available

I’m so very excited to tell you that the Berkey water filter California frustration is over. This page is going to provide you with the most important information regarding this development. I’ve had people contacting me by email and Twitter wondering when and if this would ever happen. It did happen and now there are […]

Cheaper Than Dirt Bug Out Bag – Perfect For Emergencies?

Berkey Water Filters Versus Reverse Osmosis

I talk a lot about how Berkey water filters provide the cleanest, healthiest H2O in the world. They successfully remove harmful contaminants like pathogenic bacteria, parasites, VOCs, lead, mercury and much more. But doesn’t reverse osmosis do the same? So which one is better? Like Berkey filters, reverse osmosis claims to create equally clean, pure […]

Berkey Water Filters On The Go

If you’re like me you prefer to drink clean water wherever you go. We’ve all done our studying and know that most city tap water isn’t as clean as they say it is. They even add numerous chemicals to your water supply such as chlorine and fluoride. Berkey water filters on the go allow you […]

Berkey Water Filters Accommodate Any Home Or Setting

Berkey purifiers aren’t one size fits all. These powerful systems accommodate a wide range, from a single individual to a large family or group. There are Berkey water filters perfect for traveling and others meant for home use only. No matter your need or lifestyle, there’s a Berkey filter for you. Most of the Berkey […]

GMO Farming Herbicide Causing Water Contamination

Millions of people are outraged with the health effects of GMO foods. They’ve have been trying to get these frankenstein foods to have labeling. As this is happening a study has found a widely used herbicide is being found in the groundwater across the U.S. This includes places of contamination such as aquifers, wells, and […]

Water Contamination From Fracking Chemicals

Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a type of gas drilling where a mixture of chemicals, water and sand are injected into the ground in which veins open up to release natural gas. These gases and fracking chemicals have been shown to produce many water contamination symptoms. This would include the release of lead and benzene […]

What Are Berkey Sight Glass Spigots and How Do They Work?

Berkey sight glass spigots are specifically designed for the stainless steel systems. That includes the Travel, Big, Royal, Imperial and Crown systems. What they do is allow instant reading of water level in the lower chamber of your stainless steel Berkey water purification system. You don’t need this with the Berkey Light because you can […]

Kansas Doctor Deceives Residents To Dangers of Water Fluoridation

A Kansas pediatrician and his group Wichitans For Healthy Teeth are completely clueless to the dangers of water fluoridation as they are making a major push to rally people behind them in their quest for fluoridated water. The city of Wichita currently doesn’t add this toxic substance to their water and Dr. Larry Hund has […]