New Black Berkey Purification Elements Test Data Released

Berkey is always striving to provide the absolute best in water purification and once again they come out on top over all the competition. We have just released brand new test data on the black Berkey purification elements that will knock your socks off! This is an official report as of October 2014. The official […]

Build a Survival Water Plan and Avoid Disaster With These Resources

I’ve been thinking about building a survival water plan for quite a long time. I’ve been gathering information in a careful manner because I’m not only doing this for my family but for you too. I now realize the seriousness of the situation and how quickly this information must be put into practice. My timeline […]

Best Bug Out Bags For Sale – Great Quality and Low Price

Being prepared for an emergency is important for anyone. Having bug out bags for all adults in the family is an essential step in preparing ahead of time for an emergency such as earthquake, fire or a tornado. We live in uncertain times and it only makes sense to be ready for anything. There are […]

How Often Is E. Coli in Water Supply?

Just about every day I’m keeping my eyes on the news for reports of water contamination. There usually seems to be a theme: “Boil water advisory.” Why does that keep popping up? Seriously, just go to your preferred search engine and check how many times in the last week a story about this subject is […]

How To Store Drinking Water The Best Way

People who want to be prepared for uncertain times really need to know how to store drinking water. On the radio I heard a top blogger on preparedness topics give a top five list for what we need to be prepared with. Water was number three I believe and that shows you how important water […]

How To Read Your City’s Report on Water Treatment Plant Filtration

It’s really important for us to know the official explanation of what is in our water supply via our cities and towns. Through testing and the Environmental Working Groups reports we know there are more than 300 contaminants in tap water all over the U.S. Do you know what’s in your tap water that you […]

Benefits of Drinking Water For Children

By Kristy Wise When my oldest daughter was about nine months old, the two of us went shopping one day. As we were checking out at a store, she became thirsty. So, I gave her a drink of water from my water bottle. The employee helping me immediately commented that it was good to see […]

Vegetables With High Water Content

There are other ways to get proper hydration throughout the day than drinking clean water and one of those is vegetables with high water content. Most of these “water vegetables” have literally almost zero calories which makes it all the more healthier to eat. That means you can pretty much eat a lot of these […]

Berkey Water Filter Coupon – Are These Legit In The Year 2018?

Every time I shop for something online I look for a discount, wanting to get the best price possible, and many times I find one. I’ve saved a lot of money by taking my time searching for the best deal. Knowing how I think and shop, I thought it was fitting that I provide a […]

Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

I’m reminded of this topic just about every single day because I see so many people suffering health-wise and it just breaks my heart. Would people change if they knew the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle? The answer to that question is up in the air. At one time I would say folks loved […]