Berkey Water Filter Videos To Learn More About #1 Rated Purifiers

On this page you can see my own personal Berkey water filter videos that will help you learn more about what they are, how they can help you, and where to get the best deal in town.

I even have a few demonstration videos which will help you put together and use those particular products.

One thing I can’t answer for you in these videos are what Berkey water tastes like. For that answer you just need to find out for yourself!

Is The Royal Berkey Water Filter For You?

The Royal Berkey is very popular and is medium sized compared to the other Berkey’s. Do you have a Royal?

Berkey Light Water Filter – The Rest of the Story

Lots of people know what it can eliminate from the water but not many know about the technical stuff. Here’s the rest of the story


Aluminum Health Risks And The Berkey Water Filter

Did you know there are aluminum health risks if it builds up in your body? Berkey water filters can reduce this heavy metal by 95%


Berkey Fluoride Water Filter Demonstration

Learn how to install your Berkey fluoride water filters. It’s quite simple but this video will help you more than the written instructions.


The Amazing Berkey Light Water Filter

Berkey is the most powerful gravity water purifier in existence, and Berkey Light™ is no exception. Illuminating the healthiest drinking H2O on the planet, Berkey Light™ guarantees pure, clean water in any environment, at an extraordinary cost.


Berkey Shower Filter Chlorine

The Chlorine Berkey Shower Filter. Berkey® understands the importance of filtering out toxins and bad chemicals from any used water supply. That’s why they’ve developed a filter specifically for your shower to eliminate the harmful chemical chlorine. It’s called the KDF Shower Filter.

People want a clean, chlorine and metal-free shower. The KDF shower filter will meet those needs and more.


Berkey Portable Water Purifier

This hand-held sport bottle may be small, but its powerful purifier is not compromised. The Sport Berkey® portable water purifier assures that you’ll have the cleanest H2O at all times. Its filter is built to remove up to 99.9% of many health-threatening contaminants, including harmful pathogens, pesticides, detergents, Aluminum, Mercury, Radon 222, and much more.


Water Preparedness For Tough Times

There is quite a bit of talk surrounding emergency food supplies and storage but what about water preparedness?


Berkey Water Purifier Protects People From Drinking Nitrates

A Berkey water purifier not only protects people in times of emergency in hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or treated H2O may not be available.


Final Thoughts on These Berkey Water Filter Videos

I hope these Berkey water filter videos helped you on your quest to find the purest water for you and your family.

If there are more questions you have don’t hesitate to let me know.

Where to find the best deal? Go to my Berkey store and find some of the best deals you can find online.