Are People Who Want Water With Fluoride Banned Hysterical and Militant?

water faucet runningThe last seven years have showed us people are becoming more informed about the dangers of water with fluoride as many communities are banning the toxic substance.

People are coming together and saying enough is enough!

At the same time there are misinformed folks and government shills who resort to name calling and quack theories and that should tell you right off the bat something is not right.

Eliminating Water With Fluoride Means You’re Militant?

In an article titled, “Will Milwaukee follow Tea Party hysteria and ban fluoridated water?” the author named Doug Hissom automatically wants the masses to think all Tea Party members are hysterical for finding an issue with fluoridated water.

Later on the author talks about a Milwaukee Alderman trying to push for a ban on the toxic substance and then blanket labels the top anti-fluoride activist organization as militant.

Bohl walks down the usual road of arguments about the pitfalls of fluoride: it can cause spotty, pitted brown teeth; may weaken bones; may cause lower IQs; may cause cancer; is an unnecessary addition to what’s become a fluoride-rich diet from other sources; and that Europe is doing just fine without it.

He has support from the nation’s leading fluoride opposition, the always militant-sounding Fluoride Action Network. Read more.

The author also equates anyone who opposes fluoride as being like Scientologists. This is obviously a sore issue for him and the only way he can deal with it is by calling names instead of looking at facts.

Drinking Water With Fluoride Is Very Harmful

  • Fluoride is toxic when ingested into the stomach even at low doses
  • 41% of all children aged 12-15 in the U.S. have some form of dental fluorosis
  • Did you know fluoride is made with by-products of the fertilizer industry?
  • Studies have found fluoride damages the brain, kidneys, and endocrine system including reduced IQ
  • 97% of Western Europe is fluoride-free

This toxic chemical has even been found to be harmful especially to infants and the CDC and ADA admit that. Despite that they push it on everyone else.

You can’t hoodwink informed people though and that’s why you’re seeing community after community get the chemical banned which not only saves the health of the people but saves the city tons of money.

Do your own research on the effects of this super toxic substance and make up your own mind as to what you want to do.

Image by Dottie Mae

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