World’s Best Water Filters Get Festive This Holiday Season

Berkey has a new Christmas product, but it’s only available for a limited time. The base, made for many Berkey systems the world’s best water filters, including the Big Berkey and Berkey Light filters, now comes with multi-colored LED lights.

These festive Christmas lights will add to the holiday spirit and make the Berkey filter more attractive.

This base has eight bright holiday lights: two blue, two yellow, two green and two red. The LED lights require little energy, but are very bright. They can be spotted from a mile away in a dark setting.

Constructed of a transparent durable copolyester this base supports Berkey filters on flat surfaces. More than 5” tall and 8 5/8” in diameter, the base allows room beneath the spigot to fill a water glass.

With the base, Berkey filters don’t have to be placed on the edge of a counter or table.

Included with the Berkey Base is two rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter that automatically recharges when the lights are shut off. There is also the option of purchasing a Berkey Battery Adapter which can run eight hours a night for two weeks on two AA batteries. 

Another option is the Berkey MP Solar charger when electrical power is not available.

These options allow an illuminated Berkey Base anywhere you go, whether at home or camping in a remote, wooded area. And no matter where you are, the colored lights make the holidays more cheerful.

These new multi-colored LED lights make great Christmas presents for Berkey owners.

Berkey filters also make great gifts because with a Berkey purification system you’re giving the <strong>gift of health.

Berkey filters are the most powerful, dependable and economical in the world.

They guarantee the purest, cleanest drinking water available, removing all harmful substances while leaving in healthy minerals the body needs. The water produced by Berkey filters tastes clean and benefits the body.

This new multi-colored LED Berkey Base is priced at $79 and is available only for the holiday season.

To make the holidays more fun and festive, order yours today.