A Big Berkey Water Filter Gets The Job Done

It Does This By Removing All Chemicals and Bacteria Left By Water Company Leaving You With Clean Natural Tasting Water

The Big Berkey Is A Simple, Elegant Solution For Getting High Quality Drinking Water For Just Pennies A Day.

A Big Berkey water filter is unlike any in the world. You can buy your cheap filters from the store and you can even do reverse osmosis but both of those don’t touch this one.

I’ve personally viewed the cheap filters white papers and know exactly what they filter out and it’s quite embarrassing actually. I’ve also studied reverse osmosis and the reviews are less than exceptional as they are littered with all sorts of complaints about cost, healthy minerals gone as well as using twice the amount of water just to get clean water.

The Big Berkey is the ideal system for use at home with small or medium sized families, travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies. This powerful system purifies both treated water and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes, streams, stagnant ponds and water fountains.

What Does A Big Berkey Water Filter Eliminate From The Water?

big berkey water filter lineupThe Big Berkey uses the Black Berkey filter elements which are more powerful than any other gravity filter element currently available. It filters out the pathogens so well that you can’t even find any impurities under an electron microscope.

These filters remove or reduce viruses, pathogenic cysts, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic solvents, cloudiness, trihalomethanes, silt, sediment, heavy metals, foul tastes and odors, yet they leave in the healthful and beneficial minerals that your body needs.

The cool thing about the filters is that they fit all Berkey water filter systems so if you decide to upgrade you can always use the same filters.

For more information on the Black Berkey filters, you can download our PDF fact sheet.

Big Berkey Water Filter Facts

  • Constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel.
  • Comes complete with two or four purification elements and a base.
  • Has a storage capacity of about 2.25 gallons and when in use it stands 19.25 inches high with a diameter of 8.5 inches.
  • With two Black Berkey purification elements, the Berkey Light can filter up to three and a half gallons per hour. With four Black Berkey purification elements, this system can purify up to seven gallons per hour.
  • The purification elements can last up to one year with normal use.
  • You can attach fluoride filters too, if you wish which also filter out arsenic.
  • Used by relief organizations such as UNICEF, the Peace Corps, Red Cross Societies
    Internationally, missionaries and relief workers.

Easy Setup and Simple Installation

The Big Berkey system sets up in minutes. Simply screw in the purification elements, attach the spigot and you are ready to purify

big berkey water filter

Price Starting At: $258

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